7th European BSD Conference: Oct 18-19 2008, Strasbourg, France

EuroBSDCon 2008 Talks


Saturday - October 18th 2008

Time AT8 Room AT9 Room
9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-9:45 Welcome
9:45-10:00 Coffee
10:00-10:55 Matthieu Herrb :
Input handling in wscons and X.Org [abstract][slides][audio]
Antti Kantee :
Converting Kernel File Systems to Services [abstract][slides][audio]
11:00-11:55 George V. Neville-Neil :
Four Years of Summer of Code [abstract][slides][audio]
Russell Sutherland :
UTORvpn: A BSD based VPN service for the masses [abstract][slides][audio]
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:55 Joerg Sonnenberger :
Sleeping Beauty - NetBSD on Modern Laptops [abstract][slides][audio]
Brooks Davis :
Isolating Cluster Jobs for Performance and Predictability [abstract][slides][audio]
14:00-14:55 Paul Richards :
eXtreme Programming: FreeBSD a case study [abstract][slides][audio]
Hauke Fath :
Managing BSD desktop clients - "Fencing in the herd" [abstract][slides][audio]
14:55-15:10 Coffee
15:10-16:05 Nick Barkas :
Dynamic memory allocation for dirhash in UFS2 [abstract][slides][audio]
Michael Dexter :
Zen and the Art of Multiplicity Maintenance: An applied survey of BSD-licensed multiplicity strategies from chroot to mult. [abstract][slides][audio]
16:10-17:05 Edd Barrett :
Modern Typesetting on BSD [abstract][slides][audio]
Aggelos Economopoulos :
An MP-capable network stack for DragonFlyBSD with minimal use of locks. [abstract][slides][audio]

Sunday - October 19th 2008

Time AT8 Room AT9 Room
9:00-9:45 Project Status Reports
9:45-10:00 Coffee
10:00-10:55 Martin Schütte :
Improved NetBSD syslogd [abstract][slides][audio]
Robert Watson :
FreeBSD Network Stack Performance Optimizations for Modern Hardware. [abstract][slides][audio]
11:00-11:55 George Neville-Neil : Keynote - Thinking about thinking code [slides][audio]
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:55 Yvan Vanhullebus :
Ipsec-tools and [Free/Net]BSD: past, present and future [abstract][slides][audio]
Ion-Mihai Tetcu :
Improving FreeBSD ports/packages quality. [abstract][slides][audio]
14:00-14:55 Pedro F. Giffuni :
Working with Engineering Applications in FreeBSD [abstract][slides][audio]
Constantine A. Murenin :
OpenBSD Hardware Sensors Framework [abstract][slides][audio]
14:55-15:10 Coffee
15:10-16:05 George V. Neville-Neil :
Multicast Performance in FreeBSD [abstract][slides][audio]
Philip Paeps :
How-to embed FreeBSD [abstract][slides][audio]
16:10-17:05 Closing Session