7th European BSD Conference: Oct 18-19 2008, Strasbourg, France

Performing clean updates with FreeBSD packages.

Dirk Meyer

Howto manage your own pre build packages and use them as binary updates
for distribution over different machines, reducing the time for updating
and maintaining your systems, spanning from small servers to full grown
desktops environments on your workstations. Either to maintain a stable
state or keep a bleeding edge on the applications in use, while using
packages in a reproduceable and consistent way.

Build your packages in a jail, and get rid off "build only" dependencies
on the machines your work with, and ensure the chain of dependencies is
clean and in best order, e.g. using the lightweight package cluster.

Define useful strategies for small updates, partial and full rebuild.
Explain why order of deinstallation of old packages is important,
and show pitfalls when pkg_delete is called with evil argument -f.
Reinstallation of packages in order and howto keep track of your
installed software.

Customize your packages by creating local ports, which may forked of
a normal port or making a slave port. Speedup builds by creating
meta-ports that use common dependencies.

Test builds and a quick walk through for creating new ports.

TargetAudience: Everybody
TargetOS: FreeBSD

Dirk Meyer
FreeBSD user since 2.1.0
ports-committer since 2001